What is Paramount Bristol?
Originally a movie theatre, this art deco venue has been fully restored and is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best possible live entertainment experience in the region. Also known as The Paramount Center for the Arts, Paramount Bristol is our “shorthand” name.

Why do I not have sequential seat numbers?
During the original construction of Paramount Bristol, even numbers were used to denote the right side of the house, with odd numbers used to denote the left. We have maintained this numbering in our restored theater today.

Are Ticket Fees the same over-the-phone or at the Box Office as they are online?
Yes, ticket fees are the same no matter which means are used for purchases. For more information about Ticket Fees, please click here.

What is the age requirement for a ‘Senior’ Ticket?
64 and over, like “The Beatles” song, is our age requirement for a ‘Senior’ Ticket, when applicable.

What is the age requirement for a ‘Child’ Ticket?
12 and under is our age requirement for a ‘Child’ Ticket, when applicable.

What are the qualifications for a ‘Student’ Ticket?
Any persons enrolled in elementary, middle, high school, college, graduate, or specialty school with a valid student ID meet the qualifications for a ‘Student’ Ticket, when applicable.

Are you a Movie Theatre?
We were originally! We do have a powerful projector to display movies and other content on a large screen. At this time, we are not securing rights to display now-playing movies – check out the Twin-City Drive In!

Are you open during lunch?
Yes! The box office is open TUESDAY – FRIDAY NOON – 6PM, or through show time.

Can I rent the venue?
Yes! For all kinds of things – we have an application and complete technical specs. See our Rentals page.

Where can I park?
There is public parking all along State Street as well as the very nearby side streets 5th, 6th, 7th, and Shelby. No parking fees or tickets will be incurred after 5pm. For a map of downtown Bristol, including public parking, click here.

What about accessibility?
We do not have dedicated handicapped parking or provide wheelchair seating, but we can make special accommodations by call-in.

Can you recommend a nice place to eat?
There are many amazing restaurants within walking distance of us. Check out this Downtown Restaurant Guide for a complete list.

Do I have to “Sign in with Facebook” to purchase tickets online? 
No. While it is possible to sign in with Facebook to complete your online order, it is not required. Referencing the image below, you may click the button that says “Register” and create a TicketFly account to complete your order. Already have a TicketFly account? Then click the “Sign In” button, enter the email address and password you have associated with your TicketFly account, and enjoy an expedited online purchase experience.

Ticketfly Sign In Pic